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charity for slum children
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Help the Children


A Charity initiative to help raise awareness and money for the slum children of Bangladesh

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This year before the lockdown started, I went back to my home country after 15 years. Even though I had grown up there, the shock of the level of poverty that people experience was shocking to me after living in New York for so long. Watching the children on the street, barely clothed, begging for food, tore at my heart. I knew I had to do something. So I reached out to a family friend who I knew was running a charity for the most vulnerable population of the country — the children who live in the slums.

SNODA was originally started as a school for a group of slum children in Bangladesh. Afroza Sarwar, the founder of SNODA started this as her own charity with just a few children from the slums in Dhaka, the capital city. Her vision was to provide basic education to these children so that they could improve their lives and make something of themselves. I wanted to support her vision and promised her that I would do what I can to raise money and send it back so that the charity could do more for the children.

Right after I got back to New York, the global lockdown ensued. As I looked at the chaos of the world dealing with coronavirus, my thoughts went to these children — how would they eat if their families could no longer make a day to day living? What would they do?
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Everybody from the city fled fast to the villages, and Afroza told me that the children from the school thought that they were on vacation, innocently unaware of what was actually happening. But what would happen to them and their families when they came back? There would be very little work, very little money.

So we decided to turn SNODA as a charity that would provide food, clothing and rent support for the children and their families once they returned from the villages. I reached out to all my friends and family and started doing weekly yoga classes to raise awareness and money for these vulnerable people. Some friends pitched in doing comedy shows and martial arts workshops. We rallied together and thanks to the generosity of everyone who supported us, SNODA raised enough money to support the children of SNODA and their families for the last three months.

I intend to continue supporting this charity to the best of my ability, and because of that a portion of my income goes directly towards helping these beautiful sweet faces.

If you are interested in making a donation to this cause, you can do so through HERE.

Let’s make the world a better place by taking care of our children. <3

With Love & Light,

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