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charity for slum children
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Help the Children


A Charity initiative to help raise awareness and money for the slum children of Bangladesh

Basic Tarot - Workshop with Bekki Andersen
September 16th, 7-9pm EDT

Join us for a fun tarot class online and help raise money for the children of SNODA .

This basics tarot workshop has been created to help students read and understand these mystical and fascinating cards. We will take students through the journey of the major arcana and each minor suit. We will also cover the subtle patterns of numerology, color, and the elements found in the cards. We will learn how to read cards individually and how they talk to one another. Through this workshop learn to become more connected with your deck and your own intuition.

Bekki Andersen is a tarot reader, intuitive, and yoga instructor. She has been studying and reading the tarot cards for 20 years. Her belief is the tarot is a great tool to connect not only to our own higher conscious but also to the consciousness of the universe as a whole. She currently lives in Wisconsin and offers readings via her instagram, @wanderlin_musings. No contribution is too small, and if you are unable to make a donation, come join me regardless and support us with your breath and your intention.

Cost: $22, zoom link will be sent once you sign up with your payment sent via Venmo to @lubycd or via PayPal to 60% of the proceeds from this event will be given to the charity. Find out more about SNODA HERE


Tarot for Healers and Healing - Workshop with Dee Savoie
September 17th, 7-9pm EDT

Join us for a fun tarot class online and help raise money for the children of SNODA .

Tarot, as an intuitive tool, can help healers assess and treat their clients. During this workshop, we will explore different ways to access and implement different healing techniques. As this is an advanced class, we will not be spending a lot of time delving into the meaning of individual cards. Instead we will focus on how we can use the Tarot to help in working with healing clients. Several healing spreads will be introduced, and their ability to tell us the state of a client’s energy and what they need to heal will be explored. There will be plenty of time for reading and healing of participants in breakout groups. There is no need to have healing experience beforehand, though a basic knowledge of the Tarot is recommended to get the most out of this workshop.

Cost: $22
40 percent of the proceeds will be donated to SNODA. Once you make your payment, you will be taken to a registration page. Once you register you will be emailed details on how to enter the class and any class materials that you will need. I look forward to seeing you on the 17th.

Dee Savoie comes from a powerful lineage of seers, healers, root women and mediums. She has always been both a strong dreamer and an adept interpreter of dreams. Fascinated by the use of symbols and images prevalent in her dream world, she picked up her first deck of Tarot cards at age 14. She has been reading on and off ever since. She currently works with the Mythical Goddess Tarot, the Modern Witch Tarot and other decks.

Find out more about SNODA HERE