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My Story of Healing

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My journey on the path of Healing began back in my early 20s when I developed serious depression and an eating disorder. I tried everything from therapy and medication to alternative techniques, and everything worked somewhat, but I only experienced a breakthrough when I came upon plant medicine ceremonies.

However, a year into working with these ceremonies, I suddenly got very sick. This health crisis landed me in the hospital. I hadn’t eaten in five days and was barely able to drink water. I spent eighteen hours in the emergency room, but no one could figure out what was wrong with me even with numerous tests. 

Lucky for me, I knew somebody who referred me to Dr. Daniel Kalatsky, a chiropractor and healing work practitioner who’s understanding of healing extended beyond the physical realm into the energy realms of mind-body and ultimately spirit.

When I entered his office, I was carried in by two people on either side. I was astounded that within the first five minutes of laying hands on me, he was not only able to pin point that I had a hiatal hernia, but very calmly mentioned that what I was experiencing was a lot of emotion stored up in my body that was looking for release.

I remember crying and then falling asleep during the session several times. When I came to, my pain was gone, my head felt clear and for the first time in many days I was hungry and actually able to keep food down.

This radical experience of healing changed the way I approached my physical imbalances forever. As I continued to work with Daniel, I realized and released old traumas, mind patterns and blocks I had been holding.

Aside from plant medicine, this healing work was absolutely instrumental in transforming my life, as I overcame my eating disorder which I haven’t had in many years now, overcame my depression and started creating a life which is in alignment with my soul.

Eventually this led to a mentorship with Daniel that has enriched my life through a complete shift in perspective of how my internal and external realities are inextricably linked. Healing is the process of life is what I learned from him and as I embodied this process, quite organically people started coming to me to assist them in creating the same kind of transformation in their lives.

As I grew and evolved in this work, I realized that this path was leading me straight back to my roots, that of Yoga. Not the Yoga we often practice in the west, but the Yoga of the mystics in the East, particularly those of Sadhguru. I found that this healing work is very much in alignment with the Yogic teachings and practices.

Now the different levels of the body took on a whole new meaning. So did the understanding of how this world is a manifestation of the transcendental energy, the dance of Shiva and Shakti. When I read Sadhguru’s book ‘Karma’, it changed the way I worked on people. Suddenly it was so clear, how the body holds karmic patterns and how these patterns unconsciously influence our reality.

The more conscious we become of these patterns, the more aware we are of how our reality is shaped. Healing is the process through which we become aware and start taking responsibility for our lives and our creation. 

"Body is a path of ascent for Soul. As Soul ascends, body’s vibration is elevated. As consciousness ascends, Spirit/Soul’s vibration is elevated. In essence, we are consciousness". ~ Daniel Kalatsky

Healing Sessions - Movements of Light

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Everything that has a physical manifestation ultimately has a spiritual source. Movements of Light is a modality in which we use the body as a portal into the energetic realms to influence the subtle levels of consciousness that create reality as we know it. 

The body or the physical realm is the densest level of creation. If there are imbalances that show up there, they have their roots in the mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

In this hands on healing technique, the practitioner uses the tensions and tones in the body, or what we call ‘holding patterns’ as an access point and traces the energetic patterns within them to access these deeper spiritual roots that are creating the imbalances in the health and well-being of a person.

For example, for several years I had bouts of anger, depression and anxiety. Initially they existed as ‘just’ emotional states. Eventually though, these unresolved mental-emotional patterns found their way into my physical body as imbalances in my digestion, poor liver function and so on.

Our physical body is like a garment for our soul, and a reflection of the movements of light of our consciousness. Its natural state is one of vibrancy and health. When there are imbalances within this system, they are essentially where we have ‘turned away’ from the light, creating contractions through the nature of our mind, i.e. our thoughts and emotions. 

Through this technique, which can be practiced hands on or distantly, we create space for these contractions to come to the conscious awareness of the client, and assist them in creating alignment with their vital essence which then results in the healing taking place.

The healing results in the release of emotional and mental blocks, increased vitality and a sense of well-being. So movements of light can be called a mind-body-spirit practice because it doesn’t treat them separately, but rather as a whole with the spirit being the source.

What To Expect In Your Healing Session

A healing session starts with the client giving some insight into what brought them in. This could be mental, emotional, or physical issues or challenges. As they speak we tune into their energy field and observe what we call their ‘holding patterns’. These are tensions and tones in the body that give us an access point to the root of what is causing the imbalances they are experiencing. From there, whether it is an in person or distant healing session, we work to release these patterns so that they can get aligned to their vital essence which then results in the healing taking place. 

Who Is Ideal For This Healing Work

This work is ideal for anybody who wants to experience deep transformation. It is for those who are willing to dive into the core of their mental, emotional and physical imbalances. This work is aimed at helping you connect to your true essence, to the light of your consciousness. If you want to release anxiety, overwhelm and experience wholeness in your being, then this work is for you.

Cost of a Healing Session

$150 for initial 90 min in person healing session
$497 - 5 pack of in person healing sessions
$997 - 10 pack of in person healing sessions

$125 for initial 90 min distant healing session
$497 - 5 pack of distant healing sessions
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Frequentedly Asked Questions

Where do sessions take place?

Sessions either take place in person in my home office in Soho, Manhattan, or via phone or zoom if we are doing distant sessions. If you want me to commute to you, there is a commuting fee, depending on how far you are located from me.

How should I prepare for my session? There is no preparation necessary, just bring an openness to experiencing the healing and a willingness to look at what comes up for you.

Do you offer payment plans? I offer a few simple payment plans for my largest package only. For my 10 pack of sessions, I'm happy to offer the following:

2 payments of $500. 1st payment is due up front and 2nd payment is due after the 5th session. 

5 payments of $200. 1st payment is due up front and remaining payments will be spread out evenly over the few months we work together. Final payment is due one week prior to the end of your package.

All other package options are due in full up front to begin your sessions.

What is your refund & cancellation policy? If you need to cancel or change your appointment time it must be done at least 48 hrs in advance or you will lose the session and be charged for that time. If at any point during your package you are not satisfied with the services provided you must communicate this with me and I'll do my absolute best to rectify any issues. If no agreement can be reached, then you will be refunded for the healing sessions that are left on your package. There will be no refund for sessions already given.

How does a distant healing session work? A distant healing session can be done via phone or skype/zoom/facetime. It is very much like an in person session in that the client is asked a set of questions about their reason for the session and then is asked to either lie down or sit in a receptive and quiet space. I will then work on you tracing the same patterns and may communicate with you depending on what comes up from time to time within the session. 

Some people are skeptical about distant healing sessions, which is why the first session is a money back guarantee if you don’t experience any benefits from it. This healing happens on the level of consciousness and while it might be nice to experience a hands on in person session, it is not necessary to experience the full benefits of it.

Cost of a Healing Session

$150 for initial 90 min in person healing session
$550 - 5 pack of in person healing sessions
$997 - 10 pack of in person healing sessions

$125 for initial 90 min distant healing session
$497 - 5 pack of distant healing sessions

What are you waiting for? The Time is Now for Transformation.