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Healing Bodywork Technique
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Healing Bodywork

"Body is a path of ascent for Soul. As Soul ascends, body’s vibration is elevated. As consciousness ascends, Spirit/Soul’s vibration is elevated. In essence, we are consciousness". ~ Daniel Kalatsky

Bodywork Sessions - Movements of Light
meditating in the sacred valley

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Movements of Light

Everything that has a physical manifestation ultimately has a spiritual source. Movements of Light is a modality in which we use the body as a portal into the energetic realms to influence the subtle levels of consciousness that create reality as we know it. The body or the physical realm is the densest level of creation. If there are imbalances that show up there, they have their roots in the mental, emotional and spiritual levels. In this hands on healing technique, the practitioner uses the tensions and tones in the body as an access point and traces the energetic patterns within them to access these deeper spiritual roots that are creating the imbalances in the health and well-being of a person.

Our physical body is like a garment for our soul, and a reflection of the movements of light of our consciousness. Its natural state is one of vibrancy and health. When there are imbalances within this system, they are essentially where we have ‘turned away’ from the light, creating contractions through the nature of our mind, i.e. our thoughts and emotions. Through this technique, the practitioner holds space for these contractions to come to conscious awareness of the client, and assists them in creating alignment with their vital essence which then results in the healing taking place. So movements of light can be called a mind-body-spirit practice because it doesn’t treat them separately, but rather as a whole with the spirit being the source.

Our thoughts and perceptions create our reality. What may be perceived as a hardship by one person, can be used as a stimulus for growth by another. In this way, our mind creates the world we live in. What we may not realize though, is that these thoughts are subtle vibrations that we give our energy to through our attention, and which when given enough energy will eventually manifest into our physical reality. On an even deeper level, our soul which is one with God, is the source within which our mind arises. Thus every experience, no matter how is looks on the physical level, is most perfectly set up by our spirit to wake us up from the illusion of the false self, the ego, created by our minds. Ultimately, all healing is the result of us becoming conscious of the workings of this false self and allowing it to dissolve through realizing our true nature, our oneness with God.

A treatment/session is sometimes as much of a healing for the practitioner as it is for the client, because it is an opportunity for both to experience the flow of consciousness by having the space to look at the false self or darkness without judgement and allowing for the movements of light of their being to shine through.

My Story of Healing with Bodywork

About seven years ago, I had a health crisis that landed me in the hospital. I hadn’t eaten in five days, had barely been able to drink water. I spent eighteen hours in the emergency room, but no one could figure out what was wrong with me even with numerous tests.

I always trusted holistic healing over western medicine and my search for help brought me to a healer who a friend recommended. She called him ‘Dr. Daniel’. My friend had gotten a diagnosis of Crohn’s disease, and something that didn’t quite sit right with her about that. Then she worked with Daniel and her symptoms alleviated, leaving her western doctors puzzled over how something that ‘wasn’t reversible’ could be healed. Her experience gave me hope.

My first session with Daniel I walked in with a friend on one side and my then boyfriend on the other. I could barely walk on my own from the pain, and was weak from being unable to eat or drink anything. The most interesting thing was, Daniel was able to pinpoint what was wrong with me within the first five minutes — ‘so you have a hiatal hernia’ he said, then he had me put my hands on it. ‘Basically, part of your stomach has pushed into your esophagus, creating your physical symptoms. We are going to work on that.’ For the next hour he worked on me hands on using a method which, to this day amazes me with its effectiveness. After my session I went straight home. I was pain free and able to eat my first real meal in five days.

This experience will forever be etched in my mind. I have been lucky enough to have my life saved three times by three amazing people, all healers. Each have done so in their own way. Daniel is one of them. Although this story sounds like one of me finding physical healing, I have come to understand that it was much more than that. What appeared to be my physical body in crisis, was in fact a manifestation of a spiritual crisis. The body is a perfect feedback device for what we are holding in our consciousness. At that point in my life, I was holding a lot of fears, negativity and anger. And years of storing that information in my cells could give rise to nothing other than disease.

Over the last seven years, I have gotten these bodywork sessions, or as Daniel likes to call them, adjustments, numerous times. I have sought this work during difficult transitions in my life, both emotional and physical. What I have found is that this work is deeply spiritual because it addresses the human being at the level of consciousness and soul.

Then, coincidentally, I injured myself during one of my yoga teacher trainings and ended up seeking Daniel’s help, my first session in over a year with him. Also coincidentally, he was teaching a workshop that very weekend where he shared with others the basis and foundations of his work. Since then, I have been using this work in my sessions with clients, friends and family, all of whom have responded positively to it. One friend was able to uncover and release repressed emotions that was making him anxious and keeping him stuck. Others have reported a sense of wellbeing and feeling recharged and rejuvenated.

As for myself, each adjustment I get, opens me up to deeper levels of being. I have also found that this work easily integrates and enhances my other spiritual practices, whether it is yoga, meditation, medicinal plants or something else. Daniel once said to me, ‘the body is a path to God’. While I instinctively and intrinsically understand what he meant by that, the experience of it is what has made it real for me.

You can have this experience as well, through doing this work.

Would you like to experience how identify deep inner limitations to how you see yourself and discover the way to release them? Would you like to increase awareness of your spiritual nature through body awareness? Would you like to discover how to clean and clear your energy system so that you can experience true healing?