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Astrology Readings

The Stars speak to us in the language of Symbols, and to hear them we have to listen from our Hearts

We are each a cosmic moment in time. From our first breath, we connect to the heavens and the heavens connect to us. Your astrological birth chart is the unique alignment of the stars and planets at the moment you were born. Studying your chart can give valuable insight into your psyche and the natural flow of your aptitudes as well as how to work with what may appear to be your achilles heel.

Knowledge is often freedom and freedom is our birth right. Our spirit is eternally free and forever evolving.

Want to learn more about what the stars have to say about you? Want to know your soul's purpose and your possible tomorrows? Read on...


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Ready for the new year?

When is the right time to launch that new project or business? Is it a good year to move? Or perhaps you're thinking of taking a step forward in your relationship.

This reading will prepare you for the year ahead through looking at the transits and other forecast charts and giving you a clear picture of what the stars have in store for you and how you can best align yourself to receiving this galactic support!

Cost: $150 for a 60 min reading, which will include a recording of your session


Natal chart reading
You are made of the same stuff as the stars, and at the moment that you were born, there was a certain planetary configuration that was optimal for you to come into form. Your natal birth chart is like a frozen moment in time, alive with information about you — the karmic entanglements and choices you set up for yourself, as well as your personality and the strong and weak links in your chain of energy.

The approach I have to doing a natal reading is that the stars incline, they don't compel. Given the right guidance and information, you can create your life to be the best version of yourself. And the way to do this lies within you.

Astrology is an amazing tool to gain a deeper understanding of the rhythms and patterns in your life and how you can use them for your own growth, to live a life full of purpose and joy. There is a saying that 'the chart of a saint is impossible to read', this means that an enlightened being, having worked with all of his/her rhythms and patterns, is now able to live free of them, no longer subject to the rise and fall of desires within their minds. Understanding the language of astrology can give you a way to live with the same kind of freedom, for astrology is knowledge, and knowledge is power, and power when used right can open the door to a beautiful life.

Cost: $200 for a 90 min reading, which will include a recording of your session and important visual notes from your chart


Soulmates and astrology
Our relationships are either the greatest sources of pleasure, or the biggest sources of pain for us in our lives. As an astrologer, one of the main reasons why people get readings is to ask questions about their relationships. In any relationship, there are three entities involved. You, your partner and the relationship you have together. Astrologically we look at all three entities and how they relate to each other. So you in relation to your partner, your partner in relation to you and then each of you in relation to the third entity you created together with the blending of your energies.

Are they your soulmate or just a passing ship in the night? What is the potential for you to be together? What are the karmic ties that bind you together and what is the nature of the relationship?

Perfect for couples, this reading is focused on the relationship between you and that special someone. Find out about the theme of your relationship, what strengths and weaknesses you bring out in each other and the lessons you can only learn from each other.

Cost: $350 for a 2.5 hour reading, which will include a recording of your session and important visual notes from both your charts


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Each year during our birthdays, there is a special charge in the cosmos, that can only be accessed by us. This special charge can show us what areas of our lives are going to be highlighted in the year forward.

Is it the time for you to meet your soulmate? What does your career look like? Will you be traveling? Or will your mind expand through your investment into your spiritual self? These questions and more can be answered through this reading.

The stars get very talkative around our birthdays! A solar return reading is a perfect way to prepare for the year ahead. Makes a great birthday gift for yourself or others!

Cost: $200 for a 90 min reading, which will include a recording of your session and important visual notes from your chart


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"For years, nearly a decade, Lubaina has acted as my spiritual guide. That may not have been the intention upon meeting her at first, but her grasp of energies and cosmic patterns kept me coming back with questions.

Without disclosing too much personal info, let me just state that our last astrology reading (I get one every year on my birthday) she accurately described a changing around of my living space, a summer of love and fun, followed by an endeavor into a serious and Enlightening relationship - All of which came true.

I have referred many of my dearest friends to Lubaina to experience her work, and they are all thankful I did so. She is committed to her practice and works with the needs of each individual.

I also get a kick out of the frequency with which Lubaina knows I’ve been thinking about reaching out to her, only to receive a text saying “you rang” - the woo is strong in this one.

Personally, she has helped me discover a vibration that has me connected and grounded in my day to day life, which is imperative for a serial entrepreneur like myself" - Jesse Barocas, SevenBell Fitness, New York City