Private Self-Transformational Sessions

Ready for Change? Now is the time.

During your self-transformational session, we dig into areas of your life where you feel anything less than joy. We work on and through the blocks that are stopping you from from experiencing love, abundance, happiness and a life full of purpose and peace.

Each individual is different and as such each session is unique and tailored to what you need the most in the moment. Throughout my personal healing journey, and the struggles that came with it, I have found that our relationship with ourselves and how we feel on the inside creates what we experience in our lives and the external world.

We use movement, breath, sound and meditation to release stress and tension from your body and being, enabling you to be present with yourself. We use the intuitive guidance of the astrological language to give us direction and focus in the session. These are ancient tools that give you the ability to feel your true inner power and capabilities and help you to live your life from your soul, opening you up to harmony, peace and joy.

At the end of the session I leave you with tools that you can use on your own. This can be something as simple as breathwork techniques or meditation, or sometimes a more comprehensive plan involving lifestyle and diet changes (for more information on Gut Health and Nutritional wellness click here). My goal is to assist you in having clarity and direction, which gives you the freedom to create the life you want.


About Lubaina

The path of self-healing is one that constantly evolves and changes as we do. My journey on this path began when I was eight years old and read my first astrology book.

As a teenager I was devouring books on past lives, psychic phenomenon, quantum reality and so forth. All my life I have been very taken with what might be termed as spirituality, and my search for healing has led me to different teachers and modalities, some that have in quite a literal sense, saved my life. I have come to understand that all my seeking and searching for a way, all the learning and apprenticeships, not to mention the deep dark periods of my life when I have felt lost and confused, have all come from a deep desire to find myself. I feel blessed and grateful that at every crossroad of my life, I have found what I needed to move forward. Every time I felt like life could possibly not get any worse, help has magically appeared for me to move me in the right direction, to guide me onwards towards peace, happiness and joy.

These experiences have been so synchronistic, some so timely and necessary, they have made me feel a sense of connection with a deeper reality, a connection with the Creator, the Oneness, the Universe. We all have this connection, this ability to draw towards ourselves exactly what we need and to create the life we desire. The purpose of the work I intend to share with you, is to assist you in the process of remembering that connection, and to give you tools that you can work with in a very concrete way to create the changes that you want for yourself.

I use movement, meditation, sound, bodywork and astrology as the main modalities to help you create transformation through alignment with your own being. But a willing heart is the greatest tool that you yourself bring to the table.

True healing is when you empower yourself and have a fulfilling relationship to yourself which is the key to experiencing a deep sense of freedom and happiness in all areas of your life. I will be honored to walk this path with you.

Do you feel stuck and unmotivated? Do you feel like there is something missing, but you can't quite get a grasp on what that is? Do you want to expand your life through spiritual knowledge and connection? We can work together to help you find what you need for your life.

Ready for Change? Now is the time.