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The The Stars speak to us in the language of Symbols, and to hear them we have to listen from our Hearts

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The Sun is the center of the Solar System and in astrology your Sun Sign is a part of your core personality and attributes and can give a reasonable analysis of certain traits you are likely to exhibit. Often people find that their sun sign gives them a keen insight into parts of themselves and while the whole chart of a person needs to be studied to get deeper understanding of someone's personality and motivations, the Sun Sign is always a good place to start.

Aries the Ram

Aries Women

All Aries women have a secret desire that they don't like to admit: they wish they were more feminine. Don't get me wrong, your Aries female has enough vanity to dress pretty and she almost always looks good. But inside her insecure little heart, she wishes she could be more like say, your average Pisces female. Ruled by fiery Mars, the Aries female finds it hard not to be assertive and take charge. Those who know her call her bossy and at times domineering, but in her mind, she is just trying to help. ​ So is she bossy and domineering? She can be. She can also be crazy competitive about her need for being the center of attention. She can also be jealous and pretty selfish in an immature way, but all this is just a way for her to protect her vulnerable heart that she wears on her sleeve and to hide her naiveté that often gets that heart broken. Aries women have an innocent way of believing in people and life that is touching. And when people (and life) don't meet her expectations, her vulnerable heart feels crushed beyond measure. Although this won't stop her from believing again, since she feels things with a fiery passion, the burn can really hurt and after she has been burned a few times, she will put up walls of bravado and independence to mask her fears that no one will love her for who she is.

If your heart has been captured by an Aries female, I wish you the gifts of patience (she doesn't have any, everything she wants, she needs to have it yesterday). But if you hang around long enough, you will find someone who believes in you and all your dreams, someone who is fiercely loyal and capable of warming your heart with her love on the coldest of nights.

Aries Men

Winning is the favorite profession of the Aries Sun Sign people of both sexes, so rest assured that your Aries man will always want to win. At everything. He will also always expect you to take his side and be loyal to his causes (Aries people love championing causes). Until he changes his loyalties and then he will expect you to follow suit. The Aries man might remind you of a boisterous child who enthusiasm is so contagious that almost everything he does is forgivable. His zest for life wins people over and he enjoys anything that involves competing -- as long as he comes out on top. He has no idea that his need for attention borders on selfishness. He has so many dreams he wants to pursue and so much he wants to do, he might forget to give you any attention while he is busy living life. But being with an Aries man can be fun, they do enjoy the chase and their spontaneous bursts of affection and courting is enough to win any girl over. The secret to keeping an Aries man, don't bore him, don't try to tie him down (he is spontaneous enough to spring proposals after short periods of time anyway) and once in a while it is ok to trigger his jealousy - it won't take much so you need to be careful, but his fiery Mars valor will make him want to win your hand over. Be there for him when one of his dreams get broken and remind him that tomorrow is another day and you will surely win over his loyalty and his heart.

Aries the ram

Taurus the Bull

Taurus Women

Music, harmony and food are part of the way into a Taurus woman's heart. Ruled by Venus, and being born under the earth element, the Taurus woman is a creature of the senses. Perfumes make a great gift for her as they stimulate her in the right way. She likes stability and people who keep their word. She is also very attached to her family and requires money in the bank as part of her security blanket. The Taurus female is not quick to warm up and is careful about picking a mate. She is a sensual being and you may find her partying and enjoying life, specially in her younger year, but she will always be looking to create more structure and a way to make life more secure. Fickle people turn her off, as do flashy and dramatic people. She likes things calm and serene. This woman is very patient and dependable and at times quite hard headed and stubborn. Oh yes -- once this woman makes up her mind, no force on earth can change it. She doesn't really have a temper, but be warned, unlike an Aries female whose anger is explosive but brief, Taurus people of both sexes are dangerous to be around once they lose their considerable cool. Much better to stay on their good side and if you want something from them, try sweets, sweet talk or puppies. That will melt their hearts and make them love you with a fixity that is rare and comforting in the most trying of times.

Taurus Men

An unexpected thing about Taurus men is that they have a great sense of humor. Why is it unexpected? Because when you first meet them, they might have no particular expression on their faces (not the poker face of Scorpios who are clearly hiding their feelings, this is just more boredom of seeing fools run around like fools in this world.) The Taurus male much like his female counterpart, loves music, beauty, art and tangible things. He is fiercely loyal to his family and those he considers his family and will generously give his time, energy and attention to the folks. If you've fallen for a Taurus man, you don't have to worry. He will court you in a sweet and patient way. His interest will be expressed more by his actions that his words, although a Taurus man with a Gemini moon can string together some pretty heady poetry. The most shining quality of your Taurus man is that you can count on him. He is dependable and loyal. You're looking for passion you say? Don't be fooled by his mild manner, he is an earth sign ruled by the sensuous planet Venus. His fires just take longer to light up, but once they are lit, they can outlive many a fire sign fleeting fancy. The way into his heart? Be kind, be loving and don't be crass. Your Taurus man will be very patient, but if you think you can push him around, be prepared to be trampled over when he sees red. What can you do if you managed to push him away, which I am sure took considerable work? Puppies. Yes, buy him a puppy and show up at his doorstep wearing his favorite perfume. Venus will do the rest.

Taurus the bull

Gemini the Twins

Gemini Women

These women are one of the most sociable in the zodiac (other than their air sign Libra buddies). They can be charming, flighty, gracious and amazing conversationalists. On the other hand, they are also more than one person rolled up in charms and grace; so if you happened to catch them on a day that the introvert twin is coming out, you might think I have no idea what I'm talking about. Geminis are like that, moody, but not in the emotional brooding way that Cancer can be or in the pouting self important way Leos are. The mood changes of a Gemini woman is unpredictable owing to their extremely active minds. She can range from philosophical to suicidal and back to intellectual all within one hour. If you've fallen for a Gemini woman, my advice to you is to keep her engaged and stimulated mentally. She is an air sign and her primary turn on is the mind. She also loves to talk and socialize and learn new things, since her ruler, Mercury is the planet of communication. Usually these women take things lightly, so there is no danger of her getting too clingy or taking up all your space. In fact, once in a while she might forget you’re there as she goes about in curious fascination with the world. Gemini women are sharp and quick witted, so if you want to impress her, be up to date on the current happenings and be prepared to talk everything from politics to creation theories. Although she’s more interested in the theories than conclusions of it all. If you stimulate her mind, she will warm up to you in other ways that stimulate your passions.

Gemini Men

If you're looking for stability and commitment, and you've stumbled into a Gemini man, run the other way. This is not to say that Gemini men can't or don't settle down, but these men embody the archetype of Peter Pan, always a boy, never growing up; more than any other men in the zodiac. So tread lightly with your Gemini man.They are fun, exciting and always up for exploring something new. When you first meet a Gemini man, he is charming, engaging and curious, wanting to know everything about you. You feel flattered with his attentiveness and are taken by his personality. Even if he is one of those artist type Geminis who's eye give the impression of being out of time, there is something about their childlike curiousity that is endearing to anybody who meets them. If you're in love with a Gemini man, I am happy for all the exciting mental adventures you will have. But don't expect him to court you with roses and take you to meet his parents. That's what Cancer men are for. Tread softly, lightly and never get too intense. Geminis are normally scared of passionate displays of any emotion (barring a moon or ascendant in Scorpio). Like their female counterparts, Gemini men value mental stimulation from their romantic love interests. So read some books about what he is into and the next time he asks you out, knock his socks off with your smarts. Then he may decide to keep you around longer than his other social acquaintances.

Gemini the twins

Cancer the Crab

Cancer Women

A Cancer woman is as soft and feminine as the moonlight. She’s born under a feminine sign and ruled by the feminine moon. You have probably been captured by her allure and air of womanhood. You probably think she is a voluptuous goddess who loves to cook and wear beautiful clothes. While she may very well be all of these things, a Cancer woman is born under a cardinal sign of leadership. Which means two things - 1. She is ambitious and wants much more out of life than you may think at first glance and 2. More often than not, she is going to get her way, although her watery powers of persuasion may have you convinced that it was your idea all along. And she does it so well, that you may not mind. Not in the beginning anyway.

If you’re in love with a Cancerian woman, the way to impress her is to let her know that you can be the one thing she can count on when the world around her starts to spin. Cancers of both sexes are moody. Sometimes they are cheerful and easygoing, sometimes sentimental and soft, and sometimes cranky and crabby. Regardless of their mood, they have unusual fears, usually corresponding to the phase of the moon, the lunar energy that rules their emotions and ways of being. A Cancer woman will never give her heart away to someone who makes her feel unsafe. So if you want to be with her, get ready to make her feel secure and cherished. The beautiful thing is, a Cancer woman who does feel safe will do anything for their partner’s happiness. She will make sacrifices that other sun sign women would balk at and she will make them gracefully, without any drama that the fire sign women might indulge in or the squeamishness of air sign women when it comes to relationships. Use flowers and gifts and thoughtful words to woo her and let her know she is special and you will have a moon maiden who’s feminine presence will light up your life like the full moon in the night sky.

Cancer Men

Cancer men may be hard to understand sometimes, but that’s because their moods and thoughts change with the phases of the moon. They are sensitive souls who’s hearts are pulled by the lunar tides, and no matter how they appear on the outside, Cancer men are for the most part looking for stability and security. The area of life that this desire gets translated into might vary from one Cancerian to the next, and there are a lot of Crabs out there who are driven by their careers while their emotional lives take a backseat. However, Cancer is one of the most traditional signs of the zodiac and the desire for family and domestic life is something ever Cancer man will entertain, even if it is in their fantasies and daydreams. Now Cancer is the first water sign of the zodiac and the thing with water signs is that they like to keep secrets. So if you’ve fallen for a Cancer man, tread very gently when it comes to uncovering his private world. He will need to feel very safe with you before he reveals his vulnerable side, because he has a deep fear of rejection, of loving you and opening up to you only for you to leave him. Cancer men are also attracted to mystery and secrets, so if you want to keep his attention, keep the feminine allure going and keep him guessing. You can be honest and open with him though, and showing courage to reveal certain things about yourself will not push away the right Cancerian man, but will draw him closer.

If you are ok with flowing with his ebbs and flows of emotions and states of being, if you can be his rock when he needs it and encourage him through loving words and believe in the best of him, your Cancer man will be the most committed partner that you can find. He might not be as flashy as the Leos or as intense at the Scorpios, but his love is the soothing effect of cool water washing over your skin on a scorching hot day. And it’s a beautiful thing to have somebody who can make you feel special simply by the way they look at you with those big Cancerian eyes.

Cancer the Crab

Leo the Lion

Leo Women

Leo women usually have sun shiny personalities with an air of slight superiority. They are the Lionesses of the zodiac and they have a deep desire to rule their subjects with benevolence. Of course, sometimes in their minds, their ‘subjects’ are their friends, families and lovers. Depending on your personality, you may find this trait endearing or infuriating. But know this, if you have fallen for a Leo woman, be prepared to shower her with lots of attention. She enjoys being adored and adulation brings out the best in her. The quickest way to lose her is to make her anything but a priority. Leos also like receiving gifts and usually have a taste for the fine things in life. Don’t embarrass her socially, because that might be the last time you see her. If you are wooing a Lioness, know that in her world, she is a queen and expects to be treated in that way. When you shower her with love and attention, she will blossom like a flower and her love can warm the coldest of hearts. Then she will give you her loyalty and fight the world for you, no one else can make you feel like you are a king of the world quite like a Leo woman.

Leo Men

So your heart has been captured by a Lion. It’s no wonder, his warm and shiny personality and his lazy self confidence are all qualities that are hard to resist. Plus he gives off this vibe of sexy jungle musk that makes most women swoon. But here’s the best advice I can give you to attract and keep a Leo man — don’t be needy and desperate. He is a king, and while he may play with women who worship him at his feet (Leos of both sexes have an undying need for attention), when it comes to choosing a worthy partner, he will only respect a woman who is his equal. Leo men love a challenge, and they love somebody who doesn’t make it easy for them, but rather has enough self assurance to know who they are themselves and what they want. Now you have to know the kind of Leo you are dealing with. If you are dealing with the frivolous flamboyant type, you might have a lot of fun, but in the end it might be a lot of work for nothing. If on the other hand you’re dealing with a real king of the jungle, he is worth all the attention, work and even adulation he will almost demand you shower on him because underneath all that is a heart as bright as the sun and a spirit that is brave and strong. This is the kind of lion who will stand by you through thick or thin warming your heart with the burning embers of his love and devotion.

Leo the Lion

Virgo the Virgin

Virgo Women

Precision is very important to Virgos of both sexes. And Virgo women are some of the most sincere people you will come across. Their hearts are earnest and any suggestions they make to you about changes you could make in your life are well thought out and come from a desire to help you create order in your life. Order makes her active mind feel settled and calm and so if you’ve fallen in love with a Virgo woman, try not to be a hot mess. That will turn her off right away. This is not to say that Virgo women are looking for perfection in their partners. In fact Virgo women are capable of being there through life’s changes with you better than any of the other earth sign women. Her constitution is mutable, which means she can adapt to change. And Mercury is a flexible planet indeed. But she is still an earth sign, which means if you want her, you have to be willing to provide a certain feeling of security and stability. This doesn’t mean she wants you to bring home the bucks, but rather that she can feel like she can rely on you, to be on time for starters. To keep your word and to overall be a stand up human being. What’s a little nitpicking when it means you get to have an honest and decent person as your partner? She will almost always tell you the truth, even if it ugly. She won’t play games and you will know where you stand with her. If these are qualities that excite you, go ahead and woo this wonderful feminine creature with the soft voice and the hard edges..she might surprise you in ways you don’t expect.

Virgo Men

Virgo men usually tell the truth. And they don’t sugarcoat things either. It’s a rare Virgo who indulges in inauthenticity, because being fake gives them ulcers as much as worrying about all the things they worry about. That’s what you have to know about your Virgo man. He is sincere and his heart is in the right place. It’s just that sometimes he’s too busy figuring out the physical mechanics of the heart valves than understanding it’s emotional functions. This is why Virgos along with Aquarius, are the most suited to being by themselves for long periods of time. They might get the value of having a partner in their life, but they are not inclined towards emotional messes. Their scientific minds may even feel scared of emotions, being as to how they cannot be contained and make people act in all sorts of ways. So if you’ve fallen for a Virgo man, be prepared to appeal to his mind if you want to appeal to his heart. This doesn’t mean of course that he’s not interested in the physical play between the sexes. He is an earth sign and all earth signs are blessed with the ability to access and appreciate the sensual. It’s just that that’s not all he’s interested in. So if you want to keep him in your life, engage him in a discussion that stimulates his mind and give him a problem he can solve. And while he’s high from doing all that, invite him over for a healthy yet delicious meal. The dessert will serve itself.

Virgo the Virgin

Libra the Scales

Libra Women

At first glance your Libra woman might seem to be made of sugar and spice and everything nice. She oozes Venusian charm and has a smile that can light up the room for days. She’s so feminine and soft with voice like molasses. You think you’ve found the most perfectly feminine creature on the planet. Think again. While ruled by a very feminine planet, Libra is actually a masculine sign, and a cardinal one at that. Which means that hiding behind her soft gentle charm is a sharp mind and a desire to lead. ‘Iron fist in a velvet glove’..that is the best description of Libran women I have ever heard. Libras of both sexes like luxury and beauty around them. Think of the realm of the goddess Aphrodite. That’s the realm that your Libran woman would ideally dwell in. And while that is sexy and alluring, there are some parts of the world where Aphrodite is worshipped as the goddess of war. Her strongest weapon though is her seductive nature which she uses to make others see that her way is the best way. If you have been captivated by a Libran woman, be prepared to be bombarded with her charms. But also be prepared when her scales dip in the other direction and she goes from being sweet and seductive to cranky and critical. Then there is her desire to lead the way, however charmingly. A Libra woman is either obsessed with having a partner, or having a career. Libra is the sign that rules marriage and her natural inclination is to be married to a partner or barring that, married to her work. She needs someone who can encourage her to find balance and who can hold her sturdy while giving her space to explore her many interests. So if you want to impress your Libran woman, allow her to lead the way with her dimpled smile, then impress her with your ability to love and cherish her even when she loses her balance by holding space for her until her scales shift and the sun comes out again.

Libra Men

You know that charming fellow who everyone wants to sit next to? That’s your Libra man at a social event where he fits right in with his winning smile and impeccable manners. He loves to flirt and it’s mostly harmless unless he charms the pants off of some girl who now is clinging onto his every word like it’s gospel. Libra men love beauty and harmony, so if you are into one, aggressive displays of jealousy will only push him away. Learn to socialize and flirt yourself instead. This will make him feel free (all air signs love space, it’s the nature of their element) and will make you more interesting to him. Add to that some smart stimulating conversation and you will have him captivated. Romance comes easily to the Libra man, so you will be wooed with roses and candles and dinners and walks on the beach. Just realize that as charming as this man is, he is a dual sign, which means that there is a side of him that is cranky and judgmental and simply mean. Usually this side comes out when he’s been running around trying to make everybody happy and then he feels run down and depleted. During this time, soothe him by making his surroundings harmonious and pleasant. Bring some flowers into the house, play some soft music, burn some essential oils. If he associates beauty and peace with being around you, he will forever want to dance with you under the moonlight.

Libra the Scales

Scorpio the Grey Lizard, Scorpion & Eagle

Scorpio Women

She’s a little bit dangerous and a little bit intense. But she’s also sexy as hell with an allure unlike any of the other sun signs. If a Scorpio woman has caught your attention, you better be sure you are ready for her. This woman is a lot — a lot of passion, a lot of loyalty, a lot of smarts, a lot of possessiveness, just a lot. She is not for the weak willed man. A Scorpio woman is very sure of herself, and she is strong willed and independent. She most definitely doesn’t need a man to fulfill her life, so if you want to have her in yours, you better be prepared to match her intensity. This woman appreciates honesty and is even ok with brutal truth. In fact it will make her trust you more. As it is, she is suspicious by nature, and she guards her private life and her internal self with the ferocity of a dragon. So if you’re ever caught lying to her, you better be prepared for the consequences. On the plus side, if you are prepared for her intensity and can match it with your own, she will be a mate like no other. She will love you with a fierceness, and her loyalty is worth the time it takes to get close to her. And then there is her passion, the sex and the allure..

Scorpio Men

If you’re the kind of woman who likes to take things lightly, I seriously advice you to not get involved with a Scorpio man. Even a brief affair with a Scorpio will be more intense than most relationships you experience with other signs. A Scorpio man has a deep desire to penetrate to the core of everything that captures his interest. And that includes any woman that has been able to hold his attention for longer than a few nights. He is passionate and deep, and sex to him is way of exploring the mysteries of life that fascinated him. If all this sounds very appealing and sexy to you, that’s great. But I have one note of caution. Ruled by Pluto, Scorpios are either the best of people, or the worst of people, and often both by turns. Pluto is the ruler of the underworld and darkness does not scare the Scorpio man. Which means that if his dark side scares you (and all of us have one), then he is not the one for you. He needs somebody who can hold space for him while he’s experiencing the shadow parts of his being, someone who understands that like the Phoenix, he will be reborn from the ashes, given the love and loyalty that he so craves. On the plus side, once he’s decided he wants to be with you, your messiness is not going to scare him off either. He is capable of giving just as much loyalty in love as he expects, in fact even more. This is a man who is capable of laying down his life for those he loves. That kind of depth in the soul doesn’t come easy, and he won’t do it just for anybody, they will have to prove they are worth it to him. Like the female Scorpio, male Scorpios don’t trust very easily. Nor do they forgive and forget easily. But the flip side of that is that they will remember every kind gesture, every loving word you ever spoke. A Pluto man is not for everybody. It takes a special kind of woman to be able to love him and understand him. But he’s worth every single second.

Scorpio Sun Sign

Sagittarius the Centaur

Sagittarius Women

Do you like adventure? Are you up for exploring the world through both your body and your mind? You’ve found the perfect woman for you then. Sagittarius women love to learn and being a dual sign (half horse, half human), they can either do it through their minds or they can do it through engaging their bodies in physical activities. Sagittarius rules higher education and the higher mind as well as religion; so these women are usually interested in philosophical matters and delving into outside the box thinking. If you’ve fallen for a Sag woman, you are probably attracted to her vivaciousness, her fun easy going personality and her engaging conversations. If you’re evolved enough, maybe you can even appreciate that she always tells the truth and is honest to a fault. This is not the kind of precise truth of Virgos or the searing truth of Scorpios. Rather Sag women have a way of happily making truthful observations about the people around them without too much thought of ‘how it might sound’. Sometimes this gets them in trouble because not everybody is ready to hear the arrows that she’s shooting, and then she’s surprised and hurt that people shut her down. Don’t be one of those people. Behind her shining smile and rambunctious bravado, this woman has a vulnerable heart. She loves with generosity and is easily moved by the sweetness in the world around her..nature, animals and babies. She is also a champion for the underdog, and will be the first one to speak up against injustices of any kind. The world is not always friendly to an outspoken woman who knows better than they do. So if you love her, be prepared to support her and hold her close when the world out there gets too harsh for her sweet heart.

Sagittarians of both sexes also need freedom, so don’t be the jealous and possessive type please. She will also have friends of both sexes that she is close to, but you don’t have anything to worry about, because usually this woman is honest to a fault and if the thought arises in her of straying, you will find out about it before she does anything. So it goes without saying that she expects the same level of honesty from you. This woman likes the truth and has a pretty open and non judgmental mind, so it would serve you to be as upfront as possible. If you want to win her heart, be a stand up guy who’s up for adventure. Be into the idea of saving puppies and the world, and please don’t be close minded or dull. Then you will have a partner who matches you with her wit and one who will shower you with physical displays of love and affection while taking you on many an adventure of the mind and heart.

Sagittarius Men

So you’re attracted to that attractive, active boisterous creature who looks like he is having so much fun that everyone wants to join him? A Sagittarius man can often be found cracking jokes and fooling around in a social setting and people are drawn to him because he has a strong physical presence. It’s not the sexual charisma of the Scorpio man, or the flamboyant lazy confidence of the Leo man; but a Sag man has a strong physical constitution reminiscent of a woodsman, but he smells much better. That’s because he loves the outdoors and movement of all kinds. The amount of energy that courses through his body can only be tamed through a lot of physical activity and he knows this and he enjoys it. Interestingly enough, Sags of both sexes are drawn to the stage. They love performance and theater because it gives them an outlet to express the duality of their natures through their bodies. If you’re in love with a Sag man, be prepared for adventure at any time of the day or night. Often Sagittarians are adrenal junkies and seek thrills of the mind as well as the body. Which brings us to the other side of his nature. Your centaur while half horse, is also half human, and his human half is rather philosophical and introspective. That half of him longs for the expansion of the mind and searches for the meaning of life’s purpose and the yearnings of the soul. And that is why it is equally likely that you will stumble onto him in the halls of academia as much as you will find him bungee jumping or doing outdoor sports. If you want to keep his attention, you have to engage him at all levels. You have to be willing to champion his many causes, and you also have to be able to join him when he wants to go for a quiet walk on the beach. In return you will have somebody who works hard at making you laugh and will genuine treat you like an equal and respect your opinions.

Although you might need to brace yourself for his truth bombs. Much like his female counterpart, Sag men have a tendency to put their rather large feet into their mouths. It’s not that he is trying to be unkind, but if you want reassurance about whether your new dress reveals the holiday weight you put on, he isn’t the best person to ask. He might say something like ‘your new curves make you look much better than when you were skinny!’ — yes, ouch. So if you can make peace with his truth telling, you will come to understand that he is just trying to be honest. Interestingly enough, he is kind of blind when it comes to understanding the nuances of a relationship, so if you want monogamy, you might need to state it exclusively. It’s not that he wants to play around, but his nature is free and experimental, however if he genuinely likes you, he won’t have a problem with any boundaries set, as long as they are stated explicitly. This man has a genuine desire for affection in spite of his independent ways, so if you vibe with his ways, you will end up with someone who will honestly do his best, and give you all the love that is inside his giant Jupiterian heart.

Sagittarius the Centaur

Capricorn the Goat

Capricorn Women

Sometimes Capricorn women get the unfair reputation of being cold and aloof. This is because most people don’t realize how hard it is for them to let their guard down. Ruled by Saturn, these women have a hard time taking it easy or warming up because Saturn reigns in their expression before they can do that. Saturn is a hard task master and a Capricorn woman goes through life taking things very seriously, which on the plus side, makes them responsible human beings. On the other hand, it is harder to get close to them than the other sun sign women. If you’ve fallen for a Capricorn lady, here is the formula for impressing her: worship the idea of family, better yet, worship her family. They might be odd and dysfunctional, but her sense of duty towards them is unmatched. It will also help your case if you are stable and secure and interested in climbing the social ladder. She certainly is, and she has plans for how she will slowly but surely get there. If you can make her see that you are a man deserving of her love, she will slowly start to relax and unravel herself to you. And imagine the great sex you will have with all the pent up energy she has kept to herself all these years!

Capricorn women are also quite concerned with social reputation and ‘what will people say’. Tradition and class will be your friend when it comes to wooing your Cappy woman. The good thing about her is that while she might present a challenge emotionally, once a Cappy woman is sure of her mate, she won’t care much about any other obstacles that might come in the way. She will be loyal, and she will care about your career and your family and devote herself to you without hesitation. This is not to say she will put her own career on hold— unless you’re a politician, in which case she will gladly do whatever it takes to get you to the top. Her ambitious nature makes her a good ‘first lady’ type personality (think Michelle Obama, who is very much a Cappy). So if you want someone who will build a life with you, and will care about things that last long, you have found the perfect woman and can happily plan on sailing off into the sunset. Plus her planet Saturn blesses her with ‘reverse ageing’, so the older she gets, the softer and more pliable she will become, and her beauty will keep shining brightly when all others have faded.

Capricorn Men

If you’ve just met your Capricorn man, you may think that he is the nicest person in the world. With his impeccable manners and his soft spoken voice and his respectful demeanor, he makes you feel like good men do exist; specially if you’ve been burned by a reckless Aries or a lost little boy Gemini. There is nothing boyish about a Capricorn man. He is very much a grown up. However, if you’re taken by his steady and gentle charm, I must warn you, there is more to him than what you’ve seen. First of all, Cappies of both sexes have a streak of selfishness, and depending on his level of evolution, this streak might present itself at the most inconvenient time, in the most unpleasant of ways. For example, let’s say you are in a serious relationship with a Cappy man, and you’ve even discussed marriage. Then you get a great opportunity for your career and you’re very excited about it. Perhaps the one catch is that you might need to move for a year. If your Cappy man is the unevolved type, he will flat out refuse to make that compromise if it means sacrificing being close to his family, or that his career will take a back seat. Unless of course your promotion comes with a higher social status for your whole family, in which case he might consider it.

I don’t tell you this to scare you off, but rather, I tell you this so you can be realistic about a man who seems so harmless and dependable and reliable. Underneath his soft demeanor, he is ruled by hard Saturn, and Saturn is always restricting his thinking to traditions and duties and responsibilities. On the other hand, if the same scenario occurred after you were married, he would probably be much more supportive, because now you are part of his family. And he takes family very seriously. The other thing you need to know about your Cappy man is that he is highly ambitious. He wants to succeed and to get to the top; and you can be assured he will find a slow and steady way to do it. Capricorns usually make good bosses, except when they have to deal with someone with more skills who are in a subordinate position. Then it becomes an issue of dominance.

Alright, now that I feel like I have sufficiently warned you about his hidden side, let’s focus on the good qualities that he does have. He is responsible, reliable and loyal. And just like his female counterpart, he is blessed with ‘reverse ageing’ which means that the older he gets, the less stuffy and uptight he will be. So if you want more excitement and adventure, find a Cappy who is older and you will find a freer spirit. Also, because family is so important to him, no matter what your family is like, he will respect them and care for them and be there for them. Capricorn men are very easy to introduce to your parents because they have such good social graces. In addition, if you’ve managed to hold his attention long enough for him to consider you as a potential partner, he is not shy about commitment. He won’t play games or keep you guessing. You will be treated like a proper and respectful woman and he will do his best to provide you with a comfortable home. When all is said and done, a man like that can be quite a catch.

Capricorn the goat

Aquarius the Water Bearer

Aquarius Women

There is something that you should know about the Aquarius woman that you’ve fallen for. Her real dwelling place is where the wild things live. This is a woman who is a true free spirit, and nothing and no one will ever change that. Being that she is an air sign, you might think that I’m exaggerating because you have found her to be flexible and adaptable. I’m not saying that she isn’t. But there is nothing that anyone can make her do against her wishes. She doesn’t care about social conventions and rules for her were meant to be broken, or at least played with. This woman marches to the beat of her own drum and telling her that ‘people are talking’ or even disapproving of what she’s doing is not going to make her budge an inch from her position.

The good news is that these same things apply when it comes to her love life, so she won’t care about how much money you have in the bank account or if you have some dark skeletons in your past. She is more concerned with who you are now and what your views are on world hunger, poverty and animal cruelty. Aquarians of all sexes (Aquarius rules fluidity of gender), are often misunderstood because people think they are weird or out there. The truth is that this woman is ahead of her time, and her mind is so open that it’s shocking her brain cells are still in place, and it’s the very same quality that gives her lightning flashes of intuition that she cannot explain. When it comes to love and romance, there is only one rule with her: don’t bore her, her boredom threshold is very low. Also don’t try to confine her and hold her back from being who she is, that is the fastest way to lose her, and she will be gone in a streak of Uranian lightning if she feels like her freedom is threatened. But think of it this way, with her you will always find the kind of freedom and understanding that you may not get anywhere else. The other thing that I feel like I need to mention is Aquarian sexuality. Most astrologers write about how Aquarians are not really interested in the physical game of love. This couldn’t be more untrue. Aquarian sexuality is complex, in that an Aquarian woman doesn’t just make love with her body, you have to engage her with her mind and find a way to connect to her heart. While her mind is easy to access, you may have a slighter challenge accessing that fast beating organ in her chest, as the one thing she is often afraid of, is losing herself in her partner. But if you show her that you won’t try to change her, and you accept her quirkiness unconditionally, and if you are willing to be her best friend (Aquarians have a thing about friendship), then you will find a partner who is more giving and real than you can imagine. And then through your sexual intimacy, she will be able to show you where the wild things dwell..

Aquarius Men

Just like their female counterparts, Aquarius men are the most misunderstood of the zodiac. Often people think of them as kooky or eccentric. What these people don’t know is that in astrology, Aquarius is a sign of genius and insanity (and often there’s a fine line between the two). If your heart has been captured by an Aquarian male, be prepared to hear the beat of the drum that is played in the ethers. What I mean by that, is be prepared for the unusual. Now if you’ve just met this particular man, you might think I’m exaggerating. Sometimes these men are mild mannered and quiet, appearing quite normal by any standards. If you really want to get to know him better, ask him what he thinks about life on other planets; or astrology or time travel. His eyes might light up when he finally finds somebody that he can talk about these matters with.

This man is big on friendship, which means if you want a relationship with him, you must be able to be his best friend. In return he will do the same for you, and before you get turned off by the idea of being friends with the man who gets your romantic juices flowing, consider this: most Aquarians have higher standards of what a friend is supposed to be in terms of loyalty, devotion and understanding than other signs put on marriage and romantic partnerships. The other thing you should know about him is that freedom is as necessary for him as the air he breathes. Which means that if you try to put any restrictions on him, he will balk, and his easygoing manner will change in a second. On the other hand, if you can respect his strong display of individuality, and if you yourself are an independent spirit, then you might have found the perfect man for you. He will respect you as his equal and treat you well. And if you’re comfortable with him having friends of all genders, shapes and sizes that he finds absolutely fascinating; he might even get down on one knee and propose. Aquarians who are given the space to be themselves can be loyal and even smitten. And if you manage to find your way into your heart, you will be invited into his world of wonder and amazement, where he will make a bed for the two of you with the dust from the stars.

Aquarius the water bearer

Pisces the Fishes

Pisces Women

At first glance this feminine Neptunian creature appears so dainty and fey, your instinct might be to pick her up and hide her away from the big bad world. Don’t be fooled, her daintiness doesn’t mean she is weak, that is just an illusion (Neptune is the planet of illusions). A Pisces woman is perfectly capable of faring for herself. In fact, she is a even likely to have a strong career drive as long as it’s something she truly cares about, like teaching for example. If you’re in love with a Pisces woman, you should know that she isn’t very hard to woo. She loves romance and romantic gestures and lives in a world of fantasy — every Pisces woman, no matter how emancipated, has a touch of the princess in the tower who is waiting for her prince to save her complex. One of her most endearing qualities is that she sees the world through rose colored glasses, which means that she will almost always look for the best in you. In fact, once you win her heart, she might put you on a pedestal that you find hard to live up to. The easiest way to turn her off is harsh words and aggression. The reason she views the world the way she does, is because she is highly sensitive and empathic; and sometimes the pain and suffering around her is too much for her to bear. So be the steady rock in the midst of the stormy waves of her emotional ocean. Be prepared to give her reality checks, but do them in a manner that doesn’t put her down. Then she will grow to love and cherish you for what you have to offer. It is rather charming to most men to play a knight in shining armor, and with this woman you will have the chance to do so. But know this, she is not helpless, however damsel-like she appears to be. So if you’re prepared to be swept up in her misty world of Neptune, just grab some goggles and dive in. You will see the world through very different eyes.

Pisces Men

I Interestingly enough, there are plenty of Pisces men out there who are players. Now, they are not the same ego-driven womanizers that other more aggressive sun signs can be, but a Pisces man is pretty hard to pin down. Part of the reason for this is that he really feels like there is nobody who can quite understand him. The other part of the reason is that he is ruled by the watery planet Neptune, which makes him susceptible to being loose with his affections. Now let’s assume you’ve fallen for one that has the capacity to involve himself in a relationship. How do you go about captivating him? For starters, be aware of his level of sensitivity, and be prepared to let him run around giving himself to the world only to get depleted and withdrawn. And this the time that you can show him your capacity for being his mate. Respect his need for space, but gently coax him into a relaxing activity like going for a walk at night or meditation. Help him restore his energies without treading on his inner space and he will realize how very special you are.

While this man isn’t the first to jump into a commitment, he is very sentimental and romantic. He will save little tokens of your special times together and remember all important dates..birthdays, anniversaries, and he will want to celebrate being with you and being in love. Support these qualities in him, and be patient with the rest. If you serve as the stabilizing force in your relationship, he will eventually drop his illusions and pursue the reality of love with you. And a Pisces man who is willing to be in this world is quite magical indeed!

Pisces the fish
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