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Meet Lubaina

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Welcome! I’m Lubaina and my healing work is all about helping women transform their lives by overcoming depression, anxiety, self-doubt and overcompensation, so that they can experience self-love, being whole, unconditional relationships and a life full of purpose, fulfillment and spiritual connection.
The path of self-healing is one that constantly evolves and changes as we do. My journey on this path has been quite unexpected. A few years after I moved to NYC, all the way from Bangladesh, I found myself for the first time in my adult life in a situation where I was dealing with severe depression and anxiety which led me to adopt a very unhealthy lifestyle.

This spurred me on in my search for healing which led me to Peruvian plant medicine, which was instrumental in my healing process. The plants brought me face to face with the anger, rage and trauma that had been suppressed within me and I understood that unless I found a way to process this emotional baggage, I would not be able to move forward with my life.

During this time of transformation, I experienced some serious physical symptoms as well, which is unsurprising, because while we are used to thinking of the body, mind and soul as separate parts of our being, they are intricately connected and in fact anything that is manifesting physically in our bodies has a deeper source within us.
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My physical issues ultimately culminated with a serious hiatal hernia and a trip to the hospital. The doctors there spent hours examining me, but were unable to diagnose what was wrong, so a friend encouraged me to seek out an energy healer she had referred - who not only identified the problem immediately but recognized some of the deeper emotional tension I was holding onto as well.

This is how I met my healing work teacher, who helped me understand that ultimately it is our level of consciousness that creates our life and that our body (again, not just our physical bodies, but rather the body-mind-spirit trinity) is a sacred vessel that can be used as a portal to experience true healing which then affects the rest of our lives — work, relationships and so on.

As I delved deeper into healing my anger, depression and anxiety, I felt like I was finally in my body. Part of this process was to deal with an eating disorder which was the result of lack of self-esteem and feeling a void within me that I had tried to fill with relationships and food. And as my relationship to my body got healthier, I turned to the movement practices of yoga and martial arts to strengthen myself and found that conscious movement can heal, it can put us in touch with deeper layers of our being and connect us to our life force.

An area of my life that was deeply affected by my healing journey was my relationships. For a good portion of my adult life I lived a pattern of unhealthy and toxic relationships which perfectly mirrored my lack of self love and low self esteem. As I connected to the spiritual essence of who I truly am, these unhealthy patterns fell away and for the first time in my life, I was happy with being just me. And as this internal shift happened, new people came into my life, people who were positive for me, who love and celebrate me.

Looking back at my life, I think I was geared for experiencing this healing journey. My gateway drug into spirituality was astrology, a subject that I was introduced to at the tender age of eight. My astrology and metaphysical books were my companion during my trying years of growing up feeling not understood by those around me. Astrology helped me develop a deeper psychological and archetypal understanding of the world around me, and also helped me have compassion for myself when I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin.

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The best part of this path has been discovering the healing tools that have helped me experience freedom, fulfillment and purpose in my life. I now combine astrology and energy healing (Movements of Light), and conscious movement practices combined with sound healing to help my clients turn their stumbling blocks into stepping stones.
My work is to assist you in releasing negative belief patterns which are held in the body-mind so you can break through your feeling of being stuck and instead feel excited, confident and passionate about your life. And when you’re living with this sense of purpose and meaning in your life, everything around you will start to shift. That is the beauty of transformation, it doesn’t happen in a bubble, but it spills over into everything around you, so when you heal everything around you is affected by your healing.

Now that you’ve heard a bit of my backstory, I’d love to learn more about you. Are you sick and tired of feeling stuck and overwhelmed in your current circumstances and have a feeling deep down that you were meant for more? Are you eager to experience more confidence, freedom, joy, and meaning in your life? Now is your time. I’m here to support you every step of the way. Feel free to reach out with any questions via email. I look forward to getting to know you more and assisting you on your healing journey.

I feel called to support you on this journey. It is your time, and the time is always Now.