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New Moon in Leo August 2020 ~ Our Heart is Calling, will we listen?

Tonight’s new moon in Leo is a reprieve from the intensity that we have been experiencing collectively. While it’s a fiery new moon, because Leo rules the heart, we are moved by an internal calling, a calling of love.

The new moon in Leo is making a harmonious aspect of trine to Mars in Aries, adding to the fiery passion vibrating in the stars. These vibrations have an almost romantic feeling to them, although depending on where the new moon falls in our charts, the heat of these fiery planetary placements can activate our desire to manifest action in other parts of our lives as well. On a more collective level, we may be stirred up to the action of demanding change. This can be further amplified by Mars in Aries squaring (making a hard aspect) to both Saturn and Pluto.

I’ve written about the stamp of Saturn on 2020 in many of my other blogs this year. And even with this relatively lighter new moon, Saturn is still in the background stirring up potential trouble. The trouble that may arise with Saturn not only squaring Mars, but also quincunxing the new moon is an underlying feeling of aggression that comes up as a reaction to situations that are unresolved. Now while a square is an aspect of tension, it is a far more direct and thereby ‘easier’ vibration to deal with between two planets. However, a quincunx is a trickier aspect that works in a more subtle way, and this quincunx between Saturn and the new moon can in fact dig into our collective shadows bringing up darkness that has been avoided so far and that can touch some painful parts of our collective consciousness. Added to this is the retrograde action of the planets which make it harder for us to resolve things on a conscious level.

The purpose of the heart is to know yourself to be yourself, yet one with God. - Edgar Cayce

The solution then, is to not look for resolution in a conscious way, but rather sit in silence and listen to the deeper calling of our hearts. We are in Kalyug, a time of tumultuous change, and a point in human evolution where we either rise above our egoic unconsciousness or as evidenced by the pain and chaos in the world, it is not going to be sustainable for us to inhabit this planet. The only way through this shift we are experiencing, is to shift into our hearts. To open ourselves up to a language that we all know but we have forgotten. The language of love that binds us all in unity rather than creating separation and anguish.

This new moon is calling us to listen to the calling of love, so under this new moon a beautiful meditation to do would be to drop all the stories we have created of how this or that person or group is creating the turmoil in our world, on a microcosmic or macrocosmic level. Drop the stories and listen instead to the desire within you to connect, to hold, to be held. And stay in that open feeling of knowing that love is the only way to heal everything that seems to be broken. Light a red or pink candle and imagine that the flame burns away all that is not true, all that is no longer necessary. Then imagine a red rose inside your heart that grows until it includes and encompasses every plant, animal and human on this planet. And let this connection to all that is from your heart be your prayer.

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