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Full Moon in Pisces - Open Intuition, Wounded Heart

This year has been the most time warping experience, and I can’t believe we are in September already! So it’s Virgo season and tonight’s full Moon is in the sign of Pisces, the fish. This Neptune ruled full Moon makes a strong and harmonious aspect to Uranus, and the result is a strong sense of heightened intuition and a desire to experience the ‘out of the ordinary’.

Let’s look at the planetary archetypes we are dealing with to understand them. The Moon rules our subconscious. It rules that aspect of our being that is normally hidden from the surface, but shapes how we perceive our world. Neptune is the archetype of the transcendent. It represents the flow of consciousness in which their is no separate self, just one ocean of blissful awareness. Uranus on the other hand, is the archetype of the extra-ordinary, the rebel, the wold card. It embodies the lightning flash of intuition that is knowing without knowing where the knowledge comes from. The mystic Edgar Cayce called Uranus the planet of the Psychic.

Now think about it, what happens when these three archetypes come together under a full moon? We get access to a part of us that is usually hidden, and feels new. We also can feel overstimulated by this psychic energy if we are particularly sensitive. This openness that the full Moon is bringing is, is actually challenged by several other planets that are singing heavy metal songs to each other. I say heavy metal because first of all that is quite unpleasant to my ears; and second of all, a key player in these aspects is Mars, the god of War, and heavy metal is very much Martian music.

Currently Mars is having a screaming match with Venus, Saturn and Pluto, and this is the very side of Martian energy we should be wary of. Mars is the the archetype of action, aggression and sexual energy (which is synonymous with creative energy). Venus is our love nature and rules the heart, while Saturn (oh lord how many times have I written about Saturn this year), is the principle of restriction and the ruler of karma. Pluto is the archetype of transformation, as well as the growing pains associated with it. Now, sometimes tension is a good thing, and screaming matches can bring to the surface issues that need to be dealt. However, if you put all these archetypes together, it is quite a volatile combination and can be a bit much to deal with.

The Wound is where the Light enters You. ~ Rumi

What I’m saying is this: if you find that yourself challenged by those close to you, as well as authoritarian figures and structures, and if you find that the only way you can express yourself is through anger at ‘what doesn’t work and must go’, check yourself. The last few months of 2020 have what some astrologers have termed the merging of cycles and violent influences (more on these in a later blog). The challenge for us is actually to tame the fires of Mars through digging deep in and realizing that the fires are merely an expression of our pain, of the wound in our hearts. And the only way to heal a wounded heart is through love, not war.

If we do this work on an individual level, if enough of us allow the openness of the full moon vibes to shine the light on the darkness that we keep projecting onto the outer world, but that is truly an aspect of our selves, then collectively we might be able to harness the intense planetary energetics for real transformation.

So under this full moon, I suggest you get in touch with your heart, and listen to its calling. Listen to its pain, its anguish, and allow the transcendental waters of your soul to wash it away. The wound is where the light enters us. Are you ready to let it in?

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