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Full Moon in Aquarius - Emotions Running High

The Moon is an emotional planetary archetype. It’s the deeper aspect of us, the feminine, more subconscious side of us that we are not always aware of. It doesn’t particularly feel at home in the sign of Aquarius, which is a masculine, eccentric and mental air sign. There is a natural feeling of agitation when the moon is in Aquarius, and with tonight’s full moon, it’s even more high strung because this full moon squares, i.e. makes a tense aspect to the planet Uranus (which actually rules Aquarius). Uranus is the archetype of the wild card in astrology. The ruler of innovation, technology and the iconoclastic mindset. This full moon has quite a strong Uranian flavor to it, which means expect the unexpected.

Surprisingly enough, this can be quite a romantic full moon because the sun is in fiery Leo, the lover of the zodiac which rules the heart in astrology. It is a good time to have romantic adventures, specially if you’re ok with things getting a little dramatic and spontaneous. What you do need to watch out for though are those pesky emotions, which can get a bit out of control under this moon. Sometimes such a Uranus themed full moon can also bring about unpredictable and unusual events in the collective (umm 2020..what more you got?), and the best way to handle this erratic energy is to be open-minded and flexible. Both Aquarius (Moon), Leo (Sun) and Taurus (Uranus) are fixed signs and rigidity is an archetypal trait of all fixed signs.

With all the things that are going on in our world right now, the best thing we can do is be open and flexible in our communications. This Moon also coincides with Mercury opposing Saturn, right after the end of the retrograde, adding an edge to the way the collective communicates and expresses itself. So, engaging in online debates about politics, masks and the pandemic are probably not the best investment of our time or energy (not that it ever really is). We are more likely to see results if we approach any communication from our hearts and hold space for each other’s opinions and beliefs as well as fears. 
 In the northern hemisphere, this Aquarius full moon falls on the midpoint between the Summer Solstice in June and the Fall Equinox in September, when Mars will move in retrograde in fiery Aries and engage in conflict with Saturn, a time when we will indeed be tested of our ability to rise above our aggression and anger, the most destructive force of human unconsciousness that exists on our planet. Supporting us in this opening of the heart energy, is Venus conjunct North Node in Gemini (Gemini also rules communication). This colliding of Venus and the North Node is a poignant call from our hearts to listen within to the call of love. We have navigated the muddy waters of Venus retrograde in Gemini and have swum in the illusions of Venus square Neptune. Now there is something deeper that calls us forward collectively, and that something is a deeper call of love that is arising in our hearts. We need to heed that call if we want to move forward in our evolution. Now is the time for us to hold each other’s pain and to make space to really listen to what the ‘other’ is saying. Listen from our hearts so that we can create the space to heal, so that we can find that connection to the deeper part of ourselves that is One with song, one unison.. Uni-verse.

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