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I believe that each of us has the capacity to live lives of joy, happiness and success. The key to this is in connecting to our spiritual selves, to connect to that eternal part of us that never changes. My intention for this blog is to provide information that will aid you in living your best life through raising your vibration and your consciousness.
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December 26th Solar Eclipse in Capricorn ~ Be the Cause, not the Effect

Tonight at 12:13am we have an annular or ‘ring of fire’ solar eclipse. This occurs when the Moon is between the Earth and the Sun, but the isn’t able to cover it completely, leaving a ring of light around the eclipsed Sun. Solar eclipses are always a powerful energetic time bringing to light things that usually remain in the shadows. Astrologically, this particular solar eclipse has a vibrant quality to it due to the planetary alignments it makes.

Both the Sun and Moon in Capricorn are aligned with Jupiter in Capricorn, so this eclipse is likely to create deep feelings of inner expansion within our collective consciousness. Depending on where the eclipse falls in your personal chart, if you are open to aligning yourself to the universe, you will experience breakthroughs in that area of your life that can propel you into a whole new cycle. Let’s talk about the symbolism around this eclipse. Astrologically, the Sun represents the inner self, the ‘I am’ part of our consciousness, while the Moon represents the ‘I feel’. In addition the Sun also rules the more conscious part of our personalities while the Moon rules the subconscious. So when an eclipse happens, the subconscious comes up to the surface. That is why, truths are ‘revealed’ under an eclipse. Typically eclipses can feel intense and confronting, as we are faced with our shadows, and the process can at times feel challenging. However, unlike other eclipses, during an annular eclipse, the Moon doesn’t completely darken the Sun. So, symbolically, under the energy of this eclipse, there is the potential for the deeper lunar energy to unveil what wants to be unveiled while the light of the Sun forms the ring of fire of willingness for the unveiling. In other words, this eclipse presents you with the opportunity to look at the darkness in you without fear and a readiness to transform it.

Another thing to consider, is that the Sun is the masculine in the chart while the Moon is the feminine. A ring of fire eclipse is symbolic of the feminine rising to the surface while the masculine creates space for it and together they celebrate the creative force of the feminine. Add to this the higher mind expansiveness of Jupiter, and we have a very fortuitous combination indeed. In addition to the Jupiter aspect, this eclipse in Capricorn is also making a harmonious trine vibration to Uranus in Taurus, bringing with it higher self-awareness that comes through increased intuition and flashes of insight. Now, in order for us to take advantage of these planetary alignments, we have to be willing and open. If we choose, we can bring to light aspects of our being that are part of our unconscious and our ego, and surrender them to the light, thereby allowing ourselves to experience grace and illumination.

To know yourself as the Being underneath the thinker, the stillness underneath the mental noise, the love and joy underneath the pain, is freedom, salvation, enlightenment. - Eckhart Tolle

The effects of the eclipse tonight are not just for one day, but rather it is the beginning of a cycle that will carry us into the next year, which is also the next decade. Venus is squaring Uranus tonight as well, and Saturn not wanting to be left out of the game is conjunct Pluto (this particular aspect is a long term one, and won’t be exact until Jan 12, 2020). It’s worth looking at the square of Venus because it gives us a clue about what we might need to surrender to feel the expansiveness. The square between Venus and Uranus tells us that what we need to surrender is the distance between our hearts and our minds. Add to that the massive dose of transformative energy that Saturn conjunct Pluto stirs in us, and you might have a clue about the potential for releasing that is present in the skies for us as we navigate the last few days of 2019 and enter the new year.

One last beautiful message from the planets about this eclipse, comes from it’s conjunction to the Fixed Star Polis, which is considered an extremely ‘lucky’ star. It symbolizes truthfulness and spiritual understanding.

From the looks of it, this solar eclipse is heralding a time of a shift within our collective consciousness. We are likely to see the effects of it on a global scale in the pragmatic world — it is an Eclipse involving earth signs after all. There is a feeling of plentiful and abundance that the planets are singing in their song, and if we want it to, we can create freedom and wealth for ourselves and others. The challenge as always is going to be our egos, and the choice is going to be ours — do we focus on hoarding for the needs of the few, or do we as a species finally realize that when given away, wealth multiplies?

The real wealth that is available to us is not material anyway, it is the wealth of spiritual understanding that creates sustainable peace and happiness within our being. So tonight as the Moon covers the Sun, prepare to ask yourself — do you want to be the Cause, or the Effect? If you listen to your ego and stay in the loop of the old patterns that you know have no space in your life anymore, you will experience more of the same. Same old, same old… feelings of powerlessness and at the mercy of your unbridled mind spinning stories that keep you stuck. However, if you embrace your true essence, the planetary vibrations will support you in your desire for transformation. What is required of you is to take responsibility, to be willing to be the Cause, and thereby realizing that true power and freedom are within, in your being, in your connectedness to Source. And that realization is a gift unlike any other, that can not only melt away the illusions of darkness, but also illuminate you to the true nature of your soul. It is also very likely that one who experiences this abundance in spirit, will then become a vessel of abundance in the material world as well. And just like that…the dimensions are merged.

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