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This is a time of Upheaval Reorganization. But the upheaval has the potential to throw is back into old patterns but if we can hold steady then then upheaval reorganizes to a higher order.

Full Moon in Taurus - Claim Your Power Back

It’s been quite an intense couple of weeks since the new moon which ushered in the Mercury retrograde. The energy of this retrograde has been as promised, transformative and challenging (two sides of the same coin). The full moon in Taurus today is not as much a respite from these challenges as it is a glimpse into the potential of what could happen when we allow ourselves to unravel into those very contractions within our being that are making us ‘feel all the feelings’..all those feelings that we would rather not experience.
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Photo by Lubaina - Sunrise at Titicaca Lake

New Moon in Scorpio & Mercury Retrograde ~ Kālī Shakti and Diwali

What can I say about this new moon in the first decan of Scorpio? What can one say about the kind of energy that unrelenting and ruthless in its desire for truth?

I will describe the energy surrounding this new moon with a story.
Recently, during my travels to the amazing sacred valley in Peru, I started feeling and invoking the goddess Kālī in my Yoga practice. I didn’t go looking for her…she found me. Through my asana practice and mantras, she hunted me down and looked me straight in the eye. The archetype of the divine mother Shakti in the form of Kali is relentless. She is the goddess of death and destruction.Her most well known origin story is that when Durga was in a battle with these demons, she got so angry that through her anger Kālī was manifested into the world out of her third eye.

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Photo by Benjamin Voros on Unsplash

New Moon in Libra ~ Love and Peacemaking

The new Moon in Libra rising early morning on Saturday, September 28th, brings with it some much needed balance and equanimity (or at least the desire for it) into our collective consciousness. I don’t know about you all, but the past full moon in Pisces a couple of weeks ago left me feeling dreamy and ungrounded; and while the Neptunian vibes are useful for creativity and meditation, it has taken quite some effort to be productive and get practical things done.
New moon in Virgo
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New Moon and Stellium in Virgo ~ No More Time for Mind Games

In astrology, a new moon occurs when the sun and moon are in the same sign and a stellium occurs when there are three or more planets in the same sign. This new moon in Virgo brings with it a stellium in it’s sign, with Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars in Virgo. This is a very precise and interesting energy with an earthy, yet mercurial feel to it. Both the sun and moon are conjunct both Venus and Mars (although closer to Mars), so while the Mars conjunctions may bring out a combative energy, the Venus conjunctions soften the aggressiveness that we might feel. What it actually may translate into is a desire to express creativity through grounded action.
Super black moon in Leo
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Black Supermoon in Leo ~ What gets you going?

Tonight at 11:12pm, we have a new moon in Leo, a black supermoon at that. With four planets in Leo and the retrogrades still working their magic, this new moon asks us some important, yet impatient questions. Fire signs are all about inspiration and energetic movement within our mental, emotional and physical beings. So this new moon the question that comes up is what gets you going? Where in your life are you feeling all the motivations, or lack thereof, and why?
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New Moon in Gemini, June 3rd ~ Controlled Enthusiasm

A new moon occurs when the sun and moon are in the same sign and form a conjunction. New moons are a great time for starting anew. Under the dark moon, we have more internal clarity and can make better decisions. New moons are a good time for planting new seeds both within your mind as well as in the material world. Start a new project, take that new job, do something different to shake up your world and rewire your brain and mind!
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