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I believe that each of us has the capacity to live lives of joy, happiness and success. The key to this is in connecting to our spiritual selves, to connect to that eternal part of us that never changes. My intention for this blog is to provide information that will aid you in living your best life through raising your vibration and your consciousness.
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Full Super Moon in Libra — Seeing the Bigger Picture

Tonight’s Full Moon is the strongest super moon of the year, meaning that it is closer in proximity to the earth that it will get in 2020. This moon comes in the midst of a big upheaval we are going through in our collective consciousness, as evidenced by the world’s events. In order to understand the energetic influence of this particular full moon, we need to look at the aspects that the planets are making right now. The strongest aspect that this full moon makes is to the conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn that has been in the heavens since the new moon on March 24th.

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New Moon in Libra ~ Love and Peacemaking

The new Moon in Libra rising early morning on Saturday, September 28th, brings with it some much needed balance and equanimity (or at least the desire for it) into our collective consciousness. I don’t know about you all, but the past full moon in Pisces a couple of weeks ago left me feeling dreamy and ungrounded; and while the Neptunian vibes are useful for creativity and meditation, it has taken quite some effort to be productive and get practical things done.
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