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The Spiritual Dimension is the Source of Life

The source of everything in our world comes from a deeper source within us. When we tap into that source, that part of us that is eternal and ever present, we are able to experience a level of happiness and fulfillment that might otherwise allude us. Matter also springs from this very source, and by itself is subject to the law of birth and death.

So if we solely identify ourselves with our material lives, something will always seem to be missing. This is not to say that our earthly lives have no meaning to them, but rather that aligning our earthly lives to our spiritual lives gives us a sense of deeper purpose and happiness.

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Bodywork and the Four Paths of Yoga

When most people think about moving their body, they inevitably think about working out, or exercising. That is also how most people think about Yoga in the West, they associate it with fitness, becoming more flexible, stronger. There are no shortages of videos promoting the benefits of Yoga as a workout, as a way to destress and maybe find some relaxation at the end of the class lying down for a few minutes on the mat. This approach to yoga while a good start, is one-dimensional and is only the tip of the iceberg.

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It is Love or Attachment?

Love in its truest sense is freedom. It is an expansive force that accepts and embraces all that we are. Within relationships, love is the ability to be able to have unconditional acceptance of another without judgement.

Often we confuse love with attachment. Attachments keep us bound in illusions. Attachments make us look for permanence within what can never be permanent — the material world. Everything in the material world is subject to the law of birth and death. So if we attach ourselves to something that will inevitably come to an end, we will suffer.

This kind of attachment is prevalent in our relationships in our modern world where we look for permanence and stability in another person, instead of connecting to that essence within us that is permanent, our spirit, our soul.

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Healing from Relationships that Hurt

There are fewer things more painful than getting your heart broken. Yet it is an experience that all of us have to go through at some point or another. Failed relationships are painful in and of themselves, but then there are relationships that break us in more ways than one. Relationships that are as painful during their course as they are when they end. Often relationships that are unhealthy and painful are harder to recover from than the ones that don't touch us in that way.

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