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"Some people believe that meditation is an escape from our lives, painful feelings or the 'real world'. In reality meditation is the exact opposite. Meditation means to step out from the noisy confusion of the projected world and of ourselves for the simple and quiet clarity of the here and now. Meditation is to stop and face up to reality. In meditation we explore our minds openly and honestly without denying anything". ~ Pavol Malenky
What is Sound Meditation

Most ancient spiritual traditions from the monks of Tibet and the gurus of India to the curanderos of the Amazon use sound as a means to alter the state of the mind. These mantras and chants have an interesting effect on our brain chemistry and research has shown that they activate parts of the brain that are usually associated with deep levels of sleep and dreaming.

We are all striving for a healthier, more productive life. Everybody wants to be more happy, more fulfilled. Sometimes it might seem like no matter what we do, we get stuck and can't move past a certain point. A key reason behind this, are unconscious patterns in our minds that we are not aware of. Habituated ways of thinking that eventually translate into habitual actions that hold us back.

When we allow ourselves to relax and calm our minds and connect to ourselves in a fuller more present way, we can then unlock the door of what is behind this habitual patterns and in doing do bring awareness to them. As we become aware of what the real block is that is holding us in these unconscious behaviors, we can create real and long lasting change.

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What a mindful practice of meditation can do then is: a) Help you identify your unconscious patterns that hold you back b) Find what holds these patterns together, so you can break them c) Help you create new healthier patterns that allow you to live life with more joy and fulfillment

Often sound is capable of bypassing the active mind allowing you to access the deeper parts of yourself, so that you can begin to understand yourself better through understanding your emotions and motivations and reactions. When you get to know your inner self, you can open deep levels of healing and be present with yourself and your life, unveiling the joy, happiness and peace that comes from having a spiritual connection to your own being.

Do you want to be the best version of yourself? Do you want to break through your subconconscious blocks and live life with freedom?
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