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Heal Your Emotions, Heal Your Body

An Eleven-week program that helps you get connected on a physical, mental and spiritual level so that you can live your highest potential and be the happiest you.

Why did I create this program?

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A few years ago, I was very overweight and unhealthy. I had depression, anxiety and a coping mechanism of addictive behaviors with food and relationships. How I felt inside not only impacted physical health (and how I looked), but also every aspect of my life including work, money and relationships.

The journey I went through involved many ups and downs, but eventually I discovered that through connecting to myself deeply, I was able to unlock the path of healing for myself.

During this time I discovered the intimate connection between my *emotional state* and my *physical health* , and I discovered that through using certain tools and practices that helped me connect spiritually, I was able to not only heal myself, but I was also able to find an internal source of joy and happiness that radically transformed my life.

Now I feel called to share what I have learned with you, because I believe that every person born has the capacity to find this inner joy and happiness. That is why I created this eleven week program, which guides you through understanding and working with the connections between Your Body, Your Emotions and Your Soul.

When you live from that place of connection to your deep inner nature, all aspects of your life have the capacity to be transformed into something magical and beautiful . I want you to experience the kind of freedom that I feel, to live life on your terms, and to live to your highest potential, and to really know what that means for you.

You will receive practical guidance as well as tools to help you breakthrough and release what has been holding you back from living life fully. I will help you create a clear and powerful plan so you can take action right away.

Most importantly, you will feel empowered and gain the confidence to rise up and become happiest the best and you can be, so you can fulfill your inner purpose.
I feel called to support you on this journey. It is ***your*** time, and the time is always ***Now***.

Who is this for?

If you’re ready to experience a radical change in your relationship with yourself, if you are ready to invite in true healing, joy and happiness; if you are ready for vibrant health and a strong sense of purpose, if you are ready to experience joyful, supportive relationships, but you feel like something is holding you back, or you feel stuck, then this program is for you.

During the 'Heal Your Emotions, Heal Your Body’ program, I will guide you to remove the blocks within and unveil the power of your own emotions. I will help you connect spiritually through meditation, movement and consciousness expanding tools that are ancient, yet simple and practice.

It takes time to break patterns and replace old habits with new ones, but I will be there for support every step of the way, and by the end of this program, you will experience a new kind of freedom within yourself. You will experience the kind of transformation that will help you feel connected, centered and empowered. Are you ready for this change?

Meditation & Your Relationships
meditation and your relationships

The Eleven Week Plan

Week One: Why do you want to do this program, what will you get in your life when you’re done with this program, what is it that you want to heal?

Week Two: Start feeling into your emotions — how to use breath and movement to connect to what is happening within you.

Week Three: You are what you eat. What is your relationship with food and how can you bring more love and happiness in this relationship.

Week Four: Where in your body are your holding patterns? What is the story your body is telling us?

Week Five: Forgiveness and letting go — where do you need to forgive yourself and others in order to experience release and relief.

Week Six: Relationships - are they helping you grow or holding you back? Using relationships as mirrors.

Week Seven: Move and feel your body — we check in and observe the changes you and shifts you have experienced in the last 6 weeks.

Week Eight: Is the past really in the past or are you still living there? Where does your attention go when you get ‘triggered’ or feel old patterns coming up?

Week Nine: Empowerment and self-love. Is there anything holding you back from fully loving and accepting yourself?

Week Ten: Are you ready to live your life with freedom?

Week Eleven: Happy for no reason - be in the present moment, in the Now!

What does the program include?

Weekly Meditations designed to help you connect, release and be present.

Yoga and Breathwork Classes specifically aimed to work with your chakra system.

Weekly One-on-One sessions with me online or in-person.

Daily blog to inspire, motivate and uplift you.

BONUS: Free astrological natal chart analysis by me, a $200 value.

Free E-book to get you started (includes a download link for Your Body, Your Emotions, a guided meditaton)