Awaken your True Self
awaken to your true self
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Awaken Your True Self

The Purpose
The purpose of this work is to assist you in creating lasting transformation and finding true happiness within yourself. Our outer worlds are merely a reflection of what is happening in our inner worlds. Through meditation, mindful movement and other mind-body-spirit techniques, I can help you find that inner connection that you seek.
The true answers to your happiness don’t lie outside of yourself, they lie within you. Every spiritual teacher who has ever walked this planet has taught this. Yet, for most of us, this remains a mystery, I know for myself that for many years I merely understood this teaching intellectually. However, this is something that each of us have to experience for ourselves from within. It is like the most beautiful process of falling in love, because the person you fall in love with is the person who will never leave you: it is you.

I have had an amazing spiritual journey that continues every day. If you want to know more about me and who I am and why I am here sharing these words with you, you can read my story here. The most important thing though is that the more I have walked on this path, the clearer it has become to me that being able to assist people in finding themselves is what makes my life purposeful.
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If you have anxiety, depression, eating disorders, addictive and or/compulsive behavior, know that you don’t have to suffer anymore. I understand how you feel and I can promise you there is a way out. Each of these imbalances affect millions of people every day, and yet they remain mysterious and hard to understand and overcome. The reason behind this is that each of these illnesses have their roots deep in our subconscious minds and on another level, within our souls. We have been taught in our modern culture to view ourselves as having separate parts, aspects to our being. The mind is treated as separate from the body, and often a person’s soul is not even addressed. In my work I aim to address them as one unit, with the spiritual aspect as being where everything originates from. If you find yourself suffering from anxiety, depression, or feeling like ‘nothing works’ and you are ready to finally create lasting change in your life, call me for a brief free consultation today. Together we will find a solution that works for you!



Do you want to have a physical practice that makes you feel good to be in your body? Do you want to feel stronger and healthier and connected to a deeper part of you?

Yoga and Han Su Do are both ancient movement practices that not only promote a greater sense of wellbeing, but also help you be more present and awake to your own life, so that you can find your flow.

Yoga means to 'yoke' or join together. Most people are familiar with the physical aspect of Yoga, or asanas, but the practice of Yoga is much more vast and encompasses all aspects of a person's life. In a well-designed asana practice, tension in the body is released and a connection is established between the breath and the movements of the body, helping to calm the mind so that awareness of the deeper self can be created, and an awareness of the deeper self leads to feelings of joy, happiness and purpose.

Han Su translates into Han ( Great brightness ) Su ( water) or ( flowing waters ). Han Su Do develops the same mostly through dynamic breathing, concentration and movement.
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It is meditation in motion that also strengthens the body by developing stronger bones, muscles, and internal organs. It also increases energy, promotes longevity, inner peace and develops a higher state of special awareness. Han Su Do can be practiced by anyone regardless of age or experience level, and can be modified to fit personal needs of the practitioner. The top goal of the Han Su Do practice is personal empowerment by harmonizing both personal peace with personal power through training, meditation and self discovery.


Movements of Light

Everything that has a physical manifestation ultimately has a spiritual source. Movements of Light is a modality in which we use the body as a portal into the energetic realms to influence the subtle levels of consciousness that create reality as we know it. The body or the physical realm is the densest level of creation. If there are imbalances that show up there, they have their roots in the mental, emotional and spiritual levels. In this hands on healing technique, the practitioner uses the tensions and tones in the body as an access point and traces the energetic patterns within them to access these deeper spiritual roots that are creating the imbalances in the health and well-being of a person.

Our physical body is like a garment for our soul, and a reflection of the movements of light of our consciousness. Its natural state is one of vibrancy and health. When there are imbalances within this system, they are essentially where we have ‘turned away’ from the light, creating contractions through the nature of our mind, i.e. our thoughts and emotions. Through this technique, the practitioner holds space for these contractions to come to conscious awareness of the client, and assists them in creating alignment with their vital essence which then results in the healing taking place. So movements of light can be called a mind-body-spirit practice because it doesn’t treat them separately, but rather as a whole with the spirit being the source.
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Our thoughts and perceptions create our reality. What may be perceived as a hardship by one person, can be used as a stimulus for growth by another. In this way, our mind creates the world we live in. What we may not realize though, is that these thoughts are subtle vibrations that we give our energy to through our attention, and which when given enough energy will eventually manifest into our physical reality. On an even deeper level, our soul which is one with God, is the source within which our mind arises. Thus every experience, no matter how is looks on the physical level, is most perfectly set up by our spirit to wake us up from the illusion of the false self, the ego, created by our minds. Ultimately, all healing is the result of us becoming conscious of the workings of this false self and allowing it to dissolve through realizing our true nature, our oneness with God.

A treatment/session is sometimes as much of a healing for the practitioner as it is for the client, because it is an opportunity for both to experience the flow of consciousness by having the space to look at the false self or darkness without judgement and allowing for the movements of light of their being to shine through.


Since ancient times, our ancestors have looked to the stars to find the answers that lie within their soul. As human beings we are part and parcel of the universe, and connected to all of it. Astrology is an ancient language of archetypes used by the ancient Mayans, Indians, Greeks, Kabbalists, Sufis, in fact every culture has some form of study of the movement of the planets and their vibrational influence on us. Your birth chart is like a map of possibilities, talents, weaknesses and strengths that are available to you throughout your life. As it is a map, it gives you options and many roads to travel on, and you, using your free will and awareness decide which of those roads you want to follow. Astrology also gives you a clear view of the psychological, emotional and ultimately spiritual patterns you are working with, which are triggered/activated during certain phases or time periods of your life.

For example, approximately every 29 years or so, every person goes through what is called a Saturn return. This is a time of change, a sort of 'house cleaning' which brings under focus areas of your life that you have made great progress on, as well as areas of your life that need attention, or even transformation. The specific influence of this time is different for each individual, some people get married, some have children, others move, some might feel a call to bring more spirituality in their lives. Either way, reading the chart of the person can bring great insight into the best courses of action available for them at that time.

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Astrology then is an amazing tool to gain a deeper understanding of the rhythms and patterns in your life and how you can use them for your own growth, to live a life full of purpose and joy. There is a saying that 'the chart of a saint is impossible to read', this means that an enlightened being, having worked with all of his/her rhythms and patterns, is now able to live free of them, no longer subject to the rise and fall of desires within their minds. Understanding the language of astrology can give you a way to live with the same kind of freedom, for astrology is knowledge, and knowledge is power, and power when used right can open the door to a beautiful life.

Are you curious to know what the language of the stars have to say about you and your life? Are you looking for answers, for deeper guidance? Book an astrology reading with me!


Do you want to learn how to destress, manage your emotions, and find inner guidance and peace? Would you like to learn how to meditate?

Most ancient spiritual traditions from the monks of Tibet and the gurus of India to the curanderos of the Amazon use sound as a means to alter the state of the mind. These mantras and chants have an interesting effect on our brain chemistry and research has shown that they activate parts of the brain that are usually associated with deep levels of sleep and dreaming.

Often sound is capable of bypassing the active mind allowing you to access the deeper parts of yourself, so that you can begin to understand yourself better through understanding your emotions and motivations and reactions. When you get to know your inner self, you can open deep levels of healing and be present with yourself and your life, unveiling the joy, happiness and peace that comes from having a spiritual connection to your own being.

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